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Artisanal Aged Vegan Cheese 


Firmly rooted in traditional cheesemaking practices and only utilizing high-quality vegan ingredients. Making our cheese a welcome addition to anyone's cheeseboard. This vegan cheese is made from cashews. Our cashews are selected because of their creamy quality which produces rich cashew cream ideal for our vegan cheese making. Our vegan cashew cream is combined with a blend of vegan cultures then aging. Jibini then uses traditional methods to make sure our vegan cheese will develop and ripen with proper aging. Once ready, we hand-wrap our cheeses in its sustainable packaging and seal it with our artisan mark.

Whether your vegan, lactose intolerance, or just like yummy cheese Jibini is the cheese for your palate. 

Vegan Hickory Smoked Gouda
Vegan Brie 
Vegan Ash Camembert
Vegan Blue Cheese
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